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"Super Prakashan" is a Place to publish, collect & distribute knowledge & information to globally by our journals & publications. Now a days. This off shoring trend is certain to continue and India faces the challenge of generating an appropriate supply response to retain its existing advantage. It should be noted that Indian spends nearly $4 billion annually to send their children abroad for higher studies and technical training while there is no reason for India not emerging as a global hub for higher education and technical training. The real challenge therefore, is to expand capacities in Higher Education to keep ahead of the curve of rising domestic and global demand. Social Research Foundation is formed specially to work in the field of Higher Education. Its mission is to improve the quality and standard of higher education. It also strives to maintain an appropriate balance among the tasks of teaching, scholarship and services. For this, Social Research Foundation aims to establish a Research Centre with its own Library, to publish National/International Research Journals, to organize Seminars and Workshops and to provide proper guidelines to research scholars with a wealth of higher education research information.

The activities of Foundation and Research Centre will be carried out by a core of academic and support staff and a large network of senior academics in higher education. The Research Times is a bouquet of different disciplines and covers a wide range of subjects. It is a humble effort to encourage and motivate the scholars to ventilate their views by offering them a suitable forum. The Journal is not committed to any ideology and the views expressed in the research papers reflect the views of the contributors and not those of the editors.

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